Nashville part I (travels)

I visited Nashville this week and even though my trip was only 48 hours I feel it was worthy of two posts. One to be a travel post and the second to be about the emotional side of finding a college, and discovering what you want to do.

In 16 months I will be starting college. I don’t know where I am going yet. I just know that I am trying to find a place that I will spend 4 of the most important years of my life and will call home for a season. No pressure.

Three days ago my mom and I headed for Nashville, Tennessee, to visit Belmont University. Our first night we explored downtown before going to see a concert at The Listening Room Cafe. We had dinner at an Italian place called Luigi’s City Pizza right on Broadway and had an amazing Philly cheese steak Stromboli. So good.

Steak Stromboli from Luigi's City Pizza

Steak Stromboli from Luigi’s City Pizza

We arrived half an hour before the show to wait in line with a couple hundred other people trying to get in that night. They hit capacity with only 25 people in line in front of us. You could hear the hearts breaking throughout the rest of the line. The venue has speakers facing outside, so about 30 people stayed outside to listen, but still hoping to get in. As the night got colder and no one was leaving or getting in, the group dwindled. Almost halfway into the show a few people started to leave and one by one a group of 7 dedicated fans made it into the show.listening_room_mural

Waiting outside of the Listening Room, hoping to get in.

Waiting outside of the Listening Room, hoping to get in.

The next morning was college visit day. We did the normal college visit events. Admissions information meeting. Campus tour. Meetings about the the specific majors I am interested in. Their entrepreneurship program is highly rated, and they have a music business program unlike any other. In terms of curriculum, the bar has been set for my college search.

A view from on Belmont Campus

A view from on Belmont Campus

We walked along Belmont Blvd. and looked into some of the businesses that the students frequent, including a clothing shop started and run by entrepreneurship students at Belmont. Lucky for me, one of the managers was there at the time and I got to talk with her about the program and the store.

This one of the other stores run by Belmont entrepreneurship students. It's a candy and music store. What else do college kids need?

This is the other store run by Belmont entrepreneurship students. It is a candy and music store. What else do college kids need?

After visiting Belmont we went to Centennial park. Even though I dislike the outdoors, coming from the Northwest, green space is something I fear I will miss in college. Even with some brown grass, it was a nice venture, giving me time to text my sisters and to think about the visit.

There is a Parthenon in the middle of the park. I don't get it.

There is a Parthenon in the middle of the park. I don’t get it.

For dinner, we headed out towards the Grand Ole Opry and enjoyed some Chuy’s Tex Mex.  Some chips + salsa and outlet shopping later, we were on our way back to the hotel, and the next morning we flew home.

That pretty much sums up my “travel” experience in Nashville.

Stay tuned for part II to find out why I was mad after my college visit, and who I met at the airport.